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funrecharge - Recharge Mobile Online

Customer Care

Get online Mobile / DTH / Data Card recharge & earn wallet points to get free products


1) Can I recharge for my friends/relatives using my email account?


Yes, you can recharge for any number but, another recharge for same number can be done only after the span of 5 minutes.
Use your email account so that the wallet points accumulate in your email account.


2) What if I use different email accounts?


These accounts will be considered separate for all further processes and credit points.


3) Do not remember my password. How do I proceed?


Just click on the link "Forgot Password?". Then enter your registered Email ID and we will send you a secured link to your email address. Once you have clicked on the link, you will be able to create your new password.


4) Changing password later ?


Yes, you can. Visit "My Account" link on top of the page and then click on "Profile". You can edit your password there.


5) Why do you ask for my email?


To secure your wallet points.
To convey information regarding transactions.


6) Free coupons?


Recharge Fun offers many exciting coupons for a gamut of products and services.
For every successful recharge on RECHARGE Fun, we deliver these coupons on your registered email-id or your physical address.


7) How can I recharge my mobile?


There are three easy steps:
•Enter your mobile number, operator's name and the recharge / bill value.
•Then key in your Funrecharge password (or if visiting for the first time, create a password).
•Finally, select your payment method (debit card, Internet banking, ATM card).


8) Can I pay my postpaid bills through recharge Fun?


Yes, you can pay your mobile bill.


9) For other queries and feedback?


For customer queries, Please email your query For business queries, please email to.


10) I have switched my operator through MNP. How can I now get a recharge done?


For recharge, kindly follow these steps:


Step 1: Enter the mobile number.
Step 2: Select your current operator (if it's showing your previous operator).
Step 3: Enter recharge value.
Step 4: Enter your Funrecharge password (or create a password if visiting for the first time).
Step 5: Select your payment method (credit card, debit card, Internet banking).



11) Which operators' recharge do you support?


At recharge Fun, we support all operators' recharges across all circles in India.


12) Particular recharge amount?


Kindly check your network provider site for details. The amount you enter may be used for SMS BOOSTERS/ROAMING ETC.SO, we request you to be CAREFUL WHILE ENTERING THE PARTICULAR AMOUNT.


13) How will I get to know whether my recharge transaction has been successful?


Once you complete your three-step process of mobile recharging on recharge feeak, you will receive the following from us:


• Immediate response on your screen
• Receipt of an email from payment gateway.
• SMS from your operator with recharge details



14) When I was doing the recharge on Funrecharge, I got a response that my recharge was unsuccessful. What does this mean?


Possible reasons for such an error could be:


• Entered amount was not accepted by your mobile operator as a valid recharge value.try again with the correct tariff amount.
• Network operator’s server was temporarily unavailable.try again after sometime.
• Sometimes it so happens that we are unable to connect to the mobile operator’s server due to a temporary network problem then tryagain after sometime.


In such cases, please email us at with your order number and we will be happy to help.


U will get a message from payment gateway that the transaction is unsuccessful.



15) What if I do not receive any recharge from the mobile operator for my successful transaction on recharge


Usually, you should get your recharge details through a SMS from your operator within 30 seconds after completing the transaction. In case it takes more than 4 hours, please mail us at


16) Transaction successful, recharge successful, but I have not yet received my recharge?


Delay due to network provider - At recharge Fun, all recharge requests are processed immediately. If you do not receive any confirmation SMS from your mobile operator within four hours, then kindly email us at touch@funrecharge.inmentioning your order number. We will be happy to help you.
Entered the wrong mobile no. in this case the email will show you the details ofthe recharge transaction.


17) How do I get the refund of the money I paid to recharge?


If recharge is unsuccessful even after 6 hrs from transaction time then, your amount will be automatically credited back to your account. But, please note the concerned bank may take even days to credit the money to your account. Reference code regarding the transaction will be sent to you and further processes are not under our control .kindly contact the bank for details.
Please immediately write an email to touch@funrecharge.inwith your order number


18) How many days does it take for my bank to show Funrecharge Cash transfer into my credit card or bank account?


We instantly initiate the request to your bank to transfer your refund as soon as you initiate the transfer. The bank gives us a reference code that we share with you through email. You could quote this reference code to check the status of this request with your bank. So Funrecharge sends your funds immediately to the bank upon your request. The length of time that every bank takes to show in your account differs from one to another. Some banks take a few weeks and some, even up to a month. Once the transfer is initiated, Funrecharge has no control over how many days it takes for the money to show up in your bank or credit card account. If you have lost the reference code needed to track your transaction with your bank, we can send it to you again on request. In order to avoid all this delay and inconvenience, we always recommend you to retain your unused funds in FunrechargeCash and transact anytime on


19) I got zero talk time or less than expected talk time?


The talk time that you receive after doing a recharge on Funrecharge is defined by the mobile operator and we have no control over it. Different recharge values give different amounts of talk time. Sometimes, the recharge value that you enter could be a special recharge that might give you free SMS, free data usage or reduced call rate without giving you any talk time. It is recommended that for all such cases, you check directly with your mobile operators.


20) Coupons and wallet points:


We are happy to inform you that you can choose as many coupons as you want for any single recharge irrespective of the amount of recharge. However you cannot choose any coupon once the recharge transaction is over .You will have to recharge for choosing the coupons again.
Physical coupons that have to be delivered to your address will be charged RS.10 for a single recharge irrespective of the number of coupons you have chosen.


Wallet points:


Every time you recharge your email account will credited with wallet points. Please note that it is your email account not the mobile number is credited with points.


We have a gamut of products for specific points. Once you have scored the sufficient points, you can choose one or more products specified from several zones as long as you are you have scored sufficient points.


The products are absolutely free and are granted only on point basis.


The transport charge for each product is Rs. 30.


You can also opt to accumulate points to win a bigger product later.